Size: 240 x 100 x 190 mm

  • Weight: 417g
  • Package Inclusions: UV Bag, Charging Cable, 2000mah Powerbank
  • Powerful UV lamp pure wavelength, 360 degrees UV sterilization, Max. 99.9% effective sterilization in 59 seconds.
  • In addition to the ultraviolet disinfection of underwear, it can be used for headphones, hearing aids, stethoscopes, dentures, toothbrushes, beauty tools, baby bottles, toys, forks, knife, glasses, jewelry, keys and so on.
  • The bag is portable, making it easy for travel and storage. You can disinfect your mask or clothes quickly and easily. Enjoy a safe and comfortable life when you are out.
59s UV Sterilizing Bag
PHP ₱ 4,200.00

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