FOR METRO MANILA SHIPPING ONLY. Due to the size, we can only deliver this within Metro Manila.

You can wear masks, gloves and rub alcohol to protect yourself but your shoes will still carry virus, bacteria and germs inside your house. This is why we came us with our own disinfecting trays so you can protect your family better.

Our trays are made of hard plastic and our rubber matting is commercial grade and non-slip. This comes with a 5-Liter container of ready-to-use disinfectant.

Size: 2x2ft

Mats: Non-slip rubber matting, they will be delivered in assorted colors

Disinfectant: MD Sterilizing Solution which are being used in hospitals, offices, schools and by our local government.

Step 'n Clean Shoe Bath
PHP ₱ 720.00 PHP ₱ 1,800.00

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